DVD BOX SETS Emergency! - The Complete TV Series on DVD

Title: Emergency! - The Complete TV Series on DVD
Description: Emergency! TV Series. The Complete Collection of the hit TV Series on DVD.
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Language: English

Limited Edition DVD Box Set
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Emergency! is a medical drama television series that was produced by Mark VII Limited (Jack Webb's company) and distributed by Universal Studios. It debuted as a midseason replacement on January 15, 1972, on NBC, replacing the short-lived series The Good Life, and ran until September 3, 1977. It was created and produced by Jack Webb and Robert Cinader, both of whom were also responsible for the police drama Adam-12. The shows were similar in that they featured dedicated civil servants handling two or three varied and unrelated incidents during a typical shift.

Emergency was a reality based TV show during 70's as an action's drama series. A series that written by Robert Cinader and Harold Bloom and directed by Jack Webb who also produced the show in the name of Mark VII Limited and deal out to broadcast by Universal Studios. This show debuted on television in January 15, 1972 on NBC and lasted until September 3, 1977. A good TV series even, Senator Alan Cranston praised the show for telling the public about the value of funding these programs!

A series that focus on two personnels of Fire Station 51 as firefighter and paramedics who played by two gentlemen, Randolph Mantooth as John Gage and Roy DeSoto as Kevin Tighe. The highlight of this show was on the adventures of the then-fledging paramedic program, and it has popularity encouraged on various communities in North America to settle and improve emergency medical services by hiring paramedics.

The show returned as a series of six "Movie of the Week" specials between late 1977 and the spring of 1979. Three of the TV movies have the two paramedic characters traveling to San Francisco (twice) and Seattle for EMS conventions. While in both cities they end up assisting the local agencies (San Francisco's Rescue-2 and Seattle's Medic-One) with several rescues. The others were "Steel Inferno" (a high rise blaze), "Survival on Charter #220" (two airplanes crash over a residential neighborhood?Ñat the time it was reportedly the most expensive TV-movie ever made and a finale in which the firefighter/paramedics are promoted to captain.

Composers Nelson Riddle and Billy May are credited with the music for the series.

Robert Fuller
Julie London
Bobby Troup
Randolph Mantooth
Kevin Tighe
Tim Donnelly
Mike Stoker

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